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Title:Neural Stem Cell Lineage Progression in Developing Cerebral Cortex
Date:11 June 2020 at 17:00 h - 11 June 2020 till 18:00 h
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The concerted production of the correct number and diversity of neurons and glia by neural stem cells is essential for intricate neural circuit assembly. In the developing cerebral cortex, radial glia progenitors (RGPs) are responsible for producing all neocortical neurons and certain glia lineages. We recently performed a clonal analysis by exploiting the genetic MADM (Mosaic Analysis with Double Markers) technology and discovered a high degree of non-stochasticity and thus deterministic mode of RGP behavior. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling RGP lineage progression remain unknown. To this end we use quantitative MADM-based genetic paradigms at single cell resolution to define the cell-autonomous functions of signaling pathways controlling cortical neuron/glia genesis and postnatal stem cell behavior in health and disease. Here I will outline our current understanding of the mechanistic framework instructing neural stem cell lineage progression and discuss new data about the role of genomic imprinting – an epigenetic phenomenon - in cortical development.