Volume 7 | Issue 2

Preface by Geert Ramakers
Editorial by Fiona van den Heiligenberg

Research highlights  
M. Vink – Adolescence: A time of hope and fear
B. Rokers – Tracking visual pathways in the living human brain

Research articles
J. van Baar – Intracranial EEG reveals heartbeat-evoked neural activity in the human amygdala 
E. Salari – Classification of articulator movement for Brain-Computer Interfacing using high field MRI

Review article
S. Keitel – Early molecular changes in Alzheimer’s Disease: Can we catch the disease before it starts?

Grant proposal
H. T. Mulder – Development of dosimetry tools for human transcranial pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation in treatment of depression

PhD reports
R. in ‘t Veld – Neurobiology Lab, German Primate Center
M. Spierings – Behavioural Biology Lab, Leiden University
E. Montoya – Department of Experimental Psychology, Utrecht University

F. van der Flier
H. van ‘t Spijker

Experience abroad
S. Bots – Karolinska Institute
S. Lemstra – University of Cambridge
K. Bohmbach – John Hopkins University

Seminar List