Volume 7 | Issue 1

Editorial by Fiona van den Heiligenberg

Research highlights  
N. van Haren – Did I do that?
R. Adan – Look for neural circuits rather than genes to improve treatment in psychiatry?

Research articles
K. Woutersen – Mediation of the development of processing speed by white matter maturation in adolescence? 
J. Heeman – Audiovisual integration: distractor location modulates integration

Review articles
I. Wever – From fibroblast to neuron: the use of stem cells for Parkinson’s disease
S. Lemstra – Chronic stress disturbs regulation of serotonin transporter in major depression: intracellular mechanism

E.S. Dalmaijer – Using open-source software in cognitive neuropsychology: do not fear the Python
C. van Run – Open-access journals: breaking down the pay wall

M. Joëls – Women in science: we need them
R.J. Striekwold – Gender differences in performance or ability? A reply to Van Honk & Schutter

PhD report
S. Koops – Psychiatry department, UMC Utrecht

Book reviews
J. Haarsma – Hallucinations – O. Sacks
V.M. Saenger – Networks of the brain – O. Sporns

M. Joëls – From Rudolf Magnus Institute to Brain Center Rudolf Magnus

Seminar list