Volume 6 | Issue 1

Preface by Geert Ramakers
Editorial by Chris van Run

Research highlights
J.P.H. Burbach - Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in the Neurosciences: Hype or Heaven?
S.F.W. Neggers - Administering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation During Functional MRI Recordings: A Non-Invasive Tool to Investigate Brain Networks in Health and Disease
E. de Graaff & C.C. Hoogenraad - Neuronal Receptors as Antigenic Targets in Autoimmune Encephalitis

Research articles
P. Bielefeld - Focal Neocortical Epilepsy Affects Hippocampal Volume, Shape and Structural Integrity: a Longitudinal MRI and Immunohistochemistry Rat Brain Study
A. Olde Engberink - Altered Synaptic Transmission in the Hippocampus of Transgenic Mice with Enhanced Central Nervous Systems Expression of Interleukin-6

Review article
C. Okom - Corticogenesis in the Mammalian Brain

E.E. Alblas - The Role of Dopamine in the Fractal Triadic Model

PhD reports
T. Gutteling
E. van Battum

Book reviews
J. van Baar - This is Your Brain on Music: the Science of a Human Obsession - D.J. Levitin
R. van Jaarsveld - Wij Zijn Ons Brein: van Baarmoeder tot Alzheimer - D. Swaab
M. Schutte - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2nd edition - S.A. Huettel

Mind the Brain Symposium & Winning Posters
M.R. Benedictus - Is Cerebral Perfusion in Alzheimer's Disease Influenced by Vascular Damage?
D. Kofink - The Role of Corticosteroid Receptors in Amygdalar Synaptic Potentiation After Stress