Volume 5 | Issue 2

Editorial by Iris Wever

Research highlights
Chris Dijkerman - Don't stand so close to me: Visuotactile representations of  peripersonal space are important for social interpersonal behaviour
Hermann Cuntz - Computational models to unravel the circuits in the brain

Research articles
Alfred Veldhuis - P600 effect in grammar violations: Expected words versus unexpected words
Sander Keemink - Feedback Control Models for Macaque Steering Behaviour

Review articles
Kristel Kleijer - Overexpression of FS1 is associated with increased Febrile Seizure susceptibility
Richard Bethlehem - The role of EEG in network science

Martin Deen - Optogenetics

Johannes de Jong - Obesity - is it a state of mind or a neurophysiological disorder?
Responses by Anonymous, Suzanne de Bruijn and Pierre de Graan
Johannes de Jong - 
Refutation by author

PhD reports
Marieke Schölvinck
Carlyn Mamber

Book reviews
Rhythms of the Brain - G. Buzsáki
Placebo Effects: Understanding the Mechanisms in Health and Disease - F. Benedetti