Volume 10 | Issue 2

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Preface by Anouk Keizer
Editorial by Valeria Bonapersona

P.erson of I.nterest
Prof. Dr. Marian Joëls – Department of Translational Neuroscience, Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, UMC Utrecht
Prof. Dr. Serge Dumoulin –  Department of Experimental Psychology, Utrecht & Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging, Amsterdam
Dr. Hinze Hogendoorn – Department of  Experimental Psychology, Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University

Research articles
Annemiek van Berkel – Axonal maturation of human CNS neurons: a proteomics analysis
Kim Kijk in de Vegt – Fat mass and obesity-associated gene inhibits β3 adrenergic-induced thermogenesis in murine white adipocytes

New track coördinators
Dr. Pierre de Graan & Prof. Dr. Albert Postma
Prof. Dr. Elly Hol
Dr. Stefan van der Stigchel

Christian van 't Hekke – Motor neuron-myotube co-culture system to study neuromuscular junctions in vitro
Paul Zerr – To code or not to code...

Prof. Dr. Frank Miedema – Dean and Vice-president of the Executive Board at the UMC Utrecht & Shared initiator of Science in Transition
Prof. Dr. Frans de Waal – Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Psychology Department, Emory University, Atlanta, USA & Distinguished Professor at Utrecht University.

Marjolein Versteeg – On the neurodegenerative process: inflammation, a matter of timing?
Nienke van Bueren – Transcranial direct current stimulation to target prefrontal hemispheric imbalance in Major Depressive Disorder
Kayla Green – Neuroscience in court: the application of functional magnetic resonance imaging as a lie detector in judicial settings

Career perspective
Dr. Frank Meye – Department of Translational Neuroscience, Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, UMC Utrecht
Stella Keitel  Medical Manager Oncology, Roche Pharma AG

Reports of PhD students
Chantal Vlaskamp
Feline Lindhout

From abroad
Lynn van Olst
Jantina Brummelman

Book reviews
Rosyl Somai – Busy – Tony Crabbe

Mind the Brain Symposium 2016
Best abstract: Jasper Nuninga
Best poster 1st day: Lotte Herstel
Best poster 2nd day: Maayke Klaver

Congress reports

In the spotlight

Seminar list

Supplementary material