Volume 12 | Issue 1

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Foreword by Estrella Montoya
Editorial by Maaike Dubbeldam

Research Article 


A shift of focus: Are astrocytes’ reduced supportive functions at the basis of Alzheimer’s disease? – C. Van Deursen

Single cell RNA sequencing: The improved characterisation of cellular heterogeneity – M. Hulsebos

Interviews - Big on Big Data
Floortje Schepers
Jan Veldink

Experience Abroad
Outbound: United States of America – Christy-Joy Kolsteeg
Outbound: Scotland – Eline Feenstra
Inbound: The Netherlands – Docky Duncan

What is a ‘profile’?
Bioinformatics – Bas van Breukelen
Complex system – Kirsten ten Tussher

Congress Experience
NVP Winter Conference 2017 – Sanne Böing

PhD Proposal Experience