Volume 12 | Issue 2

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Foreword by Anouk Keizer
Editorial by Maaike Dubbeldam

Research Article 
What was I doing here? Working memory in changing visual environments - D. Duncan

A review of the relationship between oestrogen administration and depresive symptoms across female life span - C. Börner

The actin cytoskeleton as a meshing maze: Exploring a novel function of actin in dendritic spines - W. Droogers

Scientific finetuning of the truth by Bayesian integration of theoretical models - S. Böing

Expansion microscopy: A different take on super-resolution - V. Al Naqib
Electroencephalography: Measuring the human auditory brainstem response using EEG - E. Vink
Fibre photometry: Shedding light on neuronal populations - M. Van den Heuvel

Interviews - Epi(c)genetics
Peter Bos
Marco Boks

Conference Experience
The 11th Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) - Nina van Bruggen
Dutch Neuroscience Meeting (DNM) - Marleen van den Munkhof

Mind the Brain Symposium

PhD Experience
Jiska Kentrop

NeuroReality - Faviola Dadis
Danone Nutricia - Danielle Counotte