Volume 13 | Issue 1

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Foreword by Anouk Keizer
Editorial by Ilse van Rijssen

Research Article
The role of dopamine in control over behaviour: The prelimbic cortex, but not striatal regions, mediates control over behaviour in rats – M.W. van den Heuvel

Research Article
Topographically organized tuned responses to the amount of items encoded in visual short-term memory and relationships with numerosity in human association cortex – J.F.L. van Helden

In-vivo imaging of the blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s disease: A short review – H. Schuler

High-resolution 2D proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging – T.A.A. Broeders

Interview – Personalized medicine
Jurjen Luykx

Experience Abroad
Rachida Ganga
Minke Nota

Master in the spotlight
Geert Ramakers

PhD Experience
Femke Lammertink

Book review
Roël Vrooman

Conference experience
Manon Veerkamp & Ida van de Water

Poll – Personalized medicine

Elisa Timmer-Voets