Volume 13 | Issue 2

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Foreword by Martijn Mulder
Editorial by Ilse van Rijssen

Research Article
Eye hear you: The effect of the pre-saccadic shift of attention on auditory spatial perception – B.A. Borst

Sex differences in the affective and cognitive outcomes of early-life adversity research in rodents – L.I. Mourik

Magnetic resonance imaging at ultra-high field strengths reveals neural response properties – B.M. Harvey

PhD Experience
Katherine Tan

Experience Abroad
Jeanneke Spruit
Natasja Deshayes

Guus van Loon
Freek Hoebeek
Jeroen Dudink
Elly Hol
Sarah Durston

Conference experience
Jesca de Jager

Mind the Brain 2019

Career Perspectives
Marjolein Sneeboer
Teresa Calafat Pla

Book review
Roël Vrooman

Top 10 Most Cited