Volume 14 | Issue 2

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Foreword by Anouk Keizer
Editorial by Ivana Kancheva

Advances in the development of therapeutic strategies for Juvenile CLN3 disease - J. van den Herik

Interaction of the NPY system with gut microbiota - R. Lumbreras de la Fuente

Blood-brain barrier leakage in Alzheimer’s disease - M. De Franceschi

A puzzle to solve: Reconstructing the functional anatomy of C-low threshold mechanoreceptors ascending pathway - D. Keller

Can't touch this: studying human touch interaction in times of social distance regulations - Dr. Anouk Keizer

Mindblowing Interviews
Mateja Rybiczka-Tesulov, MSc, Dr. Arthur de Jong, Emma Everaert, MSc, Dr. Dennis Schutter, Dr. Mathijs Raemaekers, Dr. ir. Jeroen Siero & Dr. Rachel Brouwer

Cerebral organoids provide new ways to unravel neurodevelopmental disease mechanisms - Astrid van der Geest, MSc

A. Hauser & J. Hoogeboom

Online PhD experience
Dr. Julia Berezutskaya

Career perspective
Coordinator Research Data Management- Irina van Dijk, MSc

Senior Medical Writer- Dr. Tim van Hartevelt

Microdosing with psychedelics, the future of psychiatric treatment?- Nadia Hutten, MSc

This is your brain on drugs- Floor van der Does, PhD

Conference experience
Esmée Verburgt

Book review
Charlotte van Dijk

N&C Journal board

Mind the Brain 2020
Emma Eeltink

Best presentation, abstract, pitch and poster