Volume 15 | Issue 1

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Foreword by Anouk Keizer

Editorial by Nina Dijkstra


The neurological and behavioural effects of cannabinoids affecting social play during childhood and adolescence and their long-term effects on cognitive development - Iulia Buzatoiu


The role of white matter hyperintensities in vascular cognitive impairment: A literature review - Marlyn Bisschop


"It’s all my fault": The reciprocal interaction between language and depression - Aras Maran


Blood-brain barrier dysfunction in sporadic Cerebral Small Vessel Disease - Malouke Visser

Connecting Nationalities

The perks and perils of being an international academic

Dr. Ben Harvey

Dr. Mariana Branco

To stay or not to stay

Evan Canny, Master student 

Jet D. Termorshuizen, PhD candidate (Alumna)


The Triple Network model of psychiatry: opportunities and challenges- Dr. Dienke Bos (Alumna) 

Diffusion Tensor Imaging to study the white matter integrity of the brain - Naomi Vlegels, PhD candidate (Alumna)

Research Interview

The interdisciplinary nature of sleep research: insights from a neonatal pediatrician - Dr. Jeroen Dudink

Career Prospects 

What is your job 'supposed' to be - Editorial Board

Debunking stereotypes: two N&C alumni on their career choices - Dr. Anne-Floor Scholvinck (Alumna), Jeanneke Spruit, MSc (Alumna)

Get to know your coordinator

Dr. Geert Ramakers

Connecting Disciplines

Finding the crossroad between neuroscience and other fields of research

Dr. Dave A.G. van Toor

Lennart van Melis, PhD candidate & Lora-Sophie Gerber, PhD candidate

Dr. Jasper van der Vught

Mind the Brain Symposium

Zuzanna A. Altmann, Master student & Chief MtB committee

Upcoming Activities

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Editorial Board


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