Volume 17 | Issue 1

Foreword by Anouk Keizer

Editorial by Judith van der Haest

Here you can find all the references!

Chapter 1: Love and sexuality
F. G. van Dijk - “Life is an individual experience, being in love too”
L. C. A. Koch - Prenatal sex hormones influencing the development of sexual orientation

Chapter 2: Sex hormones
M. van der Straaten and D. Y. Jiang - Normalizing hormones with Assistant Professor and dr. Lotte Gerritsen
K. Houwers - Could combined hormonal contraceptives influence the way you see yourself? A perspective on contraceptives and body image
J. W. van der Haest, D. Y. Jiang, and L. Mathies - Could combined  Gender, Dominance and Hormones: an interview with dr. David Terburg

Chapter 3: The impact of neuromodulators on behaviour
J. L. Kenemans - Dopamine and theta- for better or for worse
D. J. L. G.‚Äč Schutter - The cerebello-hypothalamic pathway in stress and mood disorders
F. J. Meye - Ventral tegmental area, dopamine neurons and food intake: A complex relationship
L. van Zantwijk, E. Drop, J. W. van der Haest, and L. Mathies - Journeying through the expanding field of neuroscience with prof. dr. Roger Adan

Chapter 4: The person behind the diagnosis
Anonymous - The evolution of survivorship
F. G. van Dijk - Navigating the challenges of pituitary tumours: A patient’s perspective

Chapter 5: Recommendations
L. Mathies - Attending symposia as a student: my first experience
T. J. Romijn, M. P. J. Verholt, and K. Wojtal - Neuroscience in the media