Volume 4 | Issue 1

Editorial by Ruud van Zessen

Research articles
Amber Ruigrok - Gender differences in the time course of fear
Jeanette Mostert - How does stress affect memory?

Review articles
Timon van Asten - The mirror neuron system
Estrella Montoya - Interactions between attention networks

Daan van Duinkerken - Choose for good genes or a handicap?

Alexander R. Backus and Ruud Hortensius - Critical commentary on fMRI

PhD reports 
Myrte Merkestein
Frank Meye

Book reviews
Methods in Social Neuroscience - E. Harmon-Jones & J.S. Beer
The Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience - M.R. Bennett & P.M.S. Hacker
In Search Of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind -  E.R. Kandel