Volume 4 | Issue 2

Preface by Prof. Marian Joëls
Editorial by Ruud van Zessen

Research highlight
Geert Ramakers

Reserch articles
Gabriela Satris - Grapheme-color synesthesia
Rahul Pandit - Tubby in histaminergic signaling

Review articles
Bart C. Jongbloets - Guidance at the construction site
Veerle van Son - Sex steroid hormones and cognition

Anca Rapcencu - The dopaminergic system in motivated behavior
Amber N.V. Ruigrok - Domain specificity in music

Abraham J. van Duijn - Listening to the brain

PhD reports
Chris Klink
Loes Koelewijn

Book reviews
Philosophy of Mind: A Guide and Anthology - J. Heil
From Research to manuscripts: A Guide to Scientific Writing - M,J. Katz
Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? - J. Pincott