Volume 9 | Issue 1

Preface by Martin Everaert
Editorial by Marjolein Versteeg

Research highlight
E.M. Hol - Glia rule the brain - new insights into astrocyte function

Research articles
S.A. Asscheman - Creativity in development: preliminary results on cognitive components and neural correlates of divergent thinking
E.S. Dalmaijer - CancellationTools: All-in-one software for administration and analysis of cancellation tasks
E.M. van Andel - Developing a reliable method for inducing and measuring reactive aggression in humans 

Review article
L.L. Van de Haar - Personalized medicine in gliablastoma: what are the options?

R.I. Hoogstraten - New optogenetic tool to control motor protein based transport and anchoring of organelles in neurons

Grand Proposal
C.R.M. Aussems  - MicroRNAs on the move in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy 

M. Joëls  - Open Access: A panacea for publication sickness? 

C. van den Boomen (KinderKennisCentrum)

Life as a PhD
A. van Leeuwen (UILOTS)

Experience abroad
E. Salari  (Washington University) 
M. Hillege  (University College London) 

Book reviews
On Intelligence -  J. Hawkins & S. Blakeslee 
The Branded Mind -  Er. du Plessis