Volume 8 | Issue 2

Preface by Pierre de Graan
Editorial by Ketharini Senthilkumar

Research highlights  
Martijn Van den Heuvel - Exploring the human connectome 
Helen A. Anema - Learning to attend to pain

Research articles
S. Lemstra - Decreased myoinositol in the prefrontal cortex of high impulsive rats: A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy study  
F. M. ter Heegde - Alteration of Hippocampas plasticity in respinse to focal neocortical epilepsy in rats suggests the initiation of dual pathology
C. Sola - Predictive Eye Movements while employing English as a Lingua Franca or conversing per Lingua Receptiva

Bon Verweij

Conference report
H. den Bakker - Federation of European Neuroscience Societies 2014

Life as a PhD
Anouk Keizer
Bart Jongbloets

Experience abroad
Stephanie Coulthard

Book reviews
Fundemental Neuroscience (4th edition, 2013) - L.R. Squire
The Emerging Mind: Reith Lectures - V.S. Ramachandran

Mind the Brain Symposium & Winning Posters
P. Zerr - Mind the brain symposium 2014
J.E. Merkens
F. E. van de Flier
C.H.R. Ausems

Special feature
Tribute to Pierre de Graan

Special feature: 3D printing
Bart Ferguson - Manual; how to print your own 3D brain