Volume 8 | Issue 1

Preface by Albert Postma
Editorial by Ketharini Senthilkumar

Research highlights
Geert-Jan Biessels - The search for the smallest brain infarct in dementia
Jack van Honk - Cross-cultural Neuroimaging of Emotion in South Africa, Japan and US

Research articles
K. Bohmbach - The influence of Amyloidβ on GluA2 phosphorylation and AMPA receptor trafficking
S. Prins - Influence of the GABAergic System on Principal Basolateral Amygdala Neurons of Mice after Corticosterone Exposure

Review article
M. van der Poel - Neurodegeneration and macrophages: A beneficial or harmful role for acrophages and microglia in neuronal damage during Multiple Sclerosis

Grant Proposal
Unravelling Impulsivity by Optogenetically Stimulating Noradrenergic and Dopaminergic Neuronal Circuitry - J.P. Flores Dourojeanni

Elly Hol

Life as a PhD
David Terburg
Matthijs Biesbroek

Book review
Emma Sudria Lopez - Looking for Spinoza - A. Damasio

Special feature: Grants
The NWO Graduate Program - Mariken de Krom and Geert Ramakers
Applying for grants... and getting funded - M. Joëls