Editorial board 2008-2009

Lotte Talsma | Chief Editor

“In the summer of 2006 Lotte Talsma attained her bachelor degree from University College Utrecht, having specialised in neuroscience, psychology and psycholinguistics. Enjoying the student lifestyle she decided to do a second bachelor in art history. In september 2008 she started with the master Neuroscience and Cognition in the Cognitive Neuroscience track. As chief editor she has the main responsibility about the editorial process.”

Rahul Pandit | Secretary

“I am Rahul Pandit, a first year N&C masters student (ECN track). I have completed my MD in June 2008, and joined the masters program later in the same year. My interest in the whole concept of publishing and student-journalism triggered me to apply for the post of secretary of the journal. As the secretary, I am involved in a wide range of things, ranging from basic administrative work to communication with authors, reviewers and editors.”

Paula de Moor | Editor

“In June 2008, Paula de Moor attained her Bachelor degree in Biology at Utrecht University, having focused on biogeology and neuroscience. She is currently enrolled in the Behavioural Neuroscience track. She has joined the Editorial Board because she believes that a peer-reviewed journal is a perfect way to keep in touch with all the different subjects within a broad field such as Neurosciences. Together with Karin, she is receives and reads the submitted articles, and redistributes them to the reviewers.”

Karin Legerstee | Editor

“Hi! I am Karin, a first year ECN student. I studied biomedical sciences here in Utrecht and graduated cum laude. During my bachelor's I specialised in both neuroscience and cell biology and now for my first internship I'm trying to unravel a part of the intracellular signalling cascade involved in RGMa-signalling. Because I think this journal is an interesting student initiative and because I was curious about all the processes involved in creating articles I applied for the job of editor, which I really enjoy doing together with Paula.”

Jolle Jolles | Layout & Website

“In the summer of 2007 Jolle completed his bachelors on biology cum laude having specialized on Behavior & Neuroscience. After having done two primate projects abroad I started with the behavioural track of the master of Neuroscience & Cognition. My goal is to make the master journal more professional and appealing to both students and their supervisors. Thereby trying to show the creativity of science.”

Tom Sanders | Layout & Website

“Tom is a student of the Biophysics and Computational Neuroscience track. Before doing this master he did a bachelor in Computer Science with a focus in artificial intelligence. I gained relevant experience when I supervised the creation of a study magazine while I was the chairman of study association Sticky. I would like to bring the journal to a more professional level by creating an interesting design for both the journal and the website.”