Editorial board 2010-2011

Iris Wever | Chief Editor

“Let me introduce myself; my name is Iris Wever and before I started the master of Neuroscience and Cognition I studied biomedical sciences. For the upcoming two issues of our wonderful Journal I am supposed to be the Chief Editor. I joined this journal in order to maintain contact with my fellow students and to get a better insight in what they are doing during their internships. My goal this year is to improve the process of creating a Journal, by making deals with sponsors and printers for multiple issues and by staying in close contact with students, the writers of our Journal.”

Anne Jansen | PR & Finance

“Hi everyone! I am Anne Jansen and I am 22 years old. I studied Biomedical sciences in Utrecht before I started with the master N&C this year. I am in the ECN track and currently I'm doing my internship at the group of Roger Adan. I'm working on the genetic basis of obesity, therefore we use a virus to knockdown certain genes to see whether these are involved in eating behaviour. In the editorial board, my function is PR/sponsoring/finance. In this function, I hope I can make many people enthusiastic about the journal, both possible sponsors as well as students and their supervisors.”

Robbert Striekwold | Editor

“My name is Robbert Striekwold, 23 years old, and I'm in the behavioural neuroscience track. Before this master I studied biology and philosophy here in Utrecht. Although I've always been interested in basically everything, my main interests are developmental biology, evolutionary biology, and the formation and functioning of neural networks. With respect to the Journal, my role is that of editor, and my main goal is to improve the quality of the journal both in style and content, to make sure that students retain the opportunity to publish their discoveries in a professional platform.”

Anne-Floor Scholvinck | Editor

“Hi, my name is Anne-Floor Scholvinck. Before entering the ECN track, I've completed a BSc degree at University College Utrecht, where I followed mainly Biomedical Science courses. Also, I've completed two 5-month internships at TNO and the VU to get some more hands-on experience in the lab. For the journal committee, I'll be one of the editors. I am looking forward to reading all the articles, getting to know the authors, coordinating the reviewing procedure and, above all, working together with my lovely EB-members! I'm thinking of a career in science journalism, so this is a good way to start I guess...”

Marina Tsagkla | Layout & Website

“Hi! I'm Marina Tsagkla from Athens, Greece, and a first year CN student. Back in Athens, I studied psychology, biology, and philosophy but I've also dabbled with radiology and computer science. In the past, I've worked as a research advisor with graduate students, as an English teacher, and a website/graphic designer. Right now, I'm doing an internship in spatial memory and navigation, mainly researching techniques and strategies for improving performance. My role in the journal is updating the website and working with Erwin on the layout.”

Erwin Lambert | Layout & Website

“I'm Erwin Lambert, a first years student of Neuroscience and Cognition in the BCN track. Before, I finished my Bachelor in Physics in Utrecht. My job in this editorial board will focus mostly on the layout of the Journal, as well as helping Marina take care of the website. In the end I hope to provide you with a new Journal with an attractive yet professional look.”

Constança van Ojen | Editor

“Hi, I'm Constança van Ojen, a first year CN student. I completed my Bachelor in Child and Youth Psychology cum laude in 2010. I'm doing an internship on the development of memory over the life span. I'm combining the Master N&C with performing and teaching as a pianist. I'm very happy to join the Editorial Board because I think it's wonderful to have your own Journal as N&C students and I think we should cherish this. Also being part of the Editorial Board is a good opportunity to gain insight in the field of publishing and therefore in an important part of one's future work as a researcher.”

Sander Keemink |

“Good day! I am Sander Keemink a first year student N&C, and part of the BCN track. Before this I was doing a bachelor called Advanced Technology at the university of Twente. Let's call it a combination of applied physics and mathematics. As far as neuroscience goes, I am mainly interested in computational neuroscience. I'll be doing my first internship in this field abroad at UC Davis, starting in March 2011. From abroad I will still be offering advice and helping out wherever I can with the journal.”