Editorial board 2011-2012

Chris van Run | Chief Editor

“Hi! I'm Chris van Run, twenty-four years of age and my function in the editorial board is Chief Editor. I have an undergraduate degree in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht and, in preparation of my master, spend two years studying Biopsychology at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, as do all the other board members, I am studying for my graduate degree in Neuroscience and Cognition. I joined the journal board to get acquainted with the field of scientific publishing and invite anyone interested in the journal to contact me or other board members!”

Magdalini Koukou | Secretary

“Hey! My name is Magdalini Koukou and I come from Greece. I studied Biology in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and currently I am one of the ECN master students. I will begin with my first internship within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, trying to determine the effects of stress in decision-making. I have a broad spectrum of interests, one of which is scientific journalism. That is why I applied for a position in the editorial board of JNC. As the secretary, I will be the first to discover your submissions for the two upcoming issues!”

Marieke Martens | PR & Finance

“Hello all, my name is Marieke Martens and my function within the journal of neuroscience and cognition will be PR and Finance. Before the master program neuroscience and cognition I finished two bachelor programs, biomedical science and neuropsychology. At the moment I am doing an internship in the group of Jeroen Pasterkap about axonguidence molecules in the habenula.”

Anouk Smits | Editor

“Hi! I'm Anouk Smits, one of the editors in this year's Board. Before the Neuroscience and Cognition master I did a Bachelor in Psychology, track Neuropsychology, at Utrecht University. In December I'll be starting my first internship at the Neuroimaging lab for children in the UMC. Within neuroscience, I am mostly interested in development and plasticity of the human brain and how this relates to neurodevelopmental disorders. Together with Sylwia Koricka I am mainly responsible for the content of the new issues. If you are you interested in contributing to this year's journals, feel free to contact us!”

Sylwia Koricka | Editor

“Hi! My name is Sylwia Koricka and I am one of the editors in this year's Board. During my Bachelors, I studied psychology, law and neuroscience at the University College Utrecht and currently I am focusing on neuroscience only! My academic interests include memory (both cognitive and molecular aspects), psychopathology, stem cell research, and sleep research. Together with Anouk Smits I will hunt for new journal contributors, review the submitted pieces and try to maintain the high quality of the Journal.”

Karlijn Woutersen | Layout & Website

“Hello! My name is Karlijn Woutersen and I am a first year student of the N&C master in the CN track. Last year I finished my bachelor in psychology (neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience). Currently, I'm doing my internship at the brain department of the UMC where I am studying normal development of the human brain during puberty. For the journal I will take care of the layout and the website with Suzanne and together we'll give the next 2 issues an awesome look!”

Suzanne Lemstra | Layout & Website

“Hi! I'm Suzanne Lemstra and I'm responsible for the lay-out and the website together with Karlijn this year. Last year I graduated from the HLO and now I'm proud to be a part of the Master Neuroscience and Cognition. I started my first internship at the RMI. Eventually I'll try to unravel the molecular basis and behaviour of the MICAL KO mouse in the group of Jeroen Pasterkamp.”