Editorial board 2012-2013

Fiona van den Heiligenberg | Chief Editor

“Hi! My name is Fiona van den Heiligenberg and my function within the editorial board is Chief Editor. I have a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and psychology from University College Utrecht. Currently I am doing an internship in the lab of Bas Neggers, where I am investigating the connections between the frontal lobe and the basal ganglia as possible biomarkers for dopaminergic deviations, such as schizophrenia. My goal is, with the contributions of all my fellow students, to improve this journal even further.”

Jesminne Bruins Slot | Secretary

“Hey! My name is Jesminne Bruins Slot and I am the Secretary this year. Before the master program Neuroscience and Cognition I finished my bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences (B├Ęta-gamma, University of Amsterdam), majoring Biomedical Sciences. Currently, I am doing an internship in the group of Casper Hoogenraad at the Biology Department of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht. As a secretary I hope I'll receive a lot of emails from you this year.”

Teresa Haider | PR & Finance

“"Hi! My name is Teresa Haider and I am responsible for PR and finance within the board of the journal. I will be in contact with sponsors and promote the journal. I graduated with a bachelor in Molecular Biology from the University of Vienna and am now studying Neuroscience here in Utrecht. I'm especially interested in neurophysiology and synaptic plasticity. Currently I am doing an internship with Geert Ramakers on modulation of neuronal activity in the midbrain."”

Natalia Davidson | Editor

“Hello! I'm Natalia Davidson and I'm one of the Editors in the current board, together with Jacques. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Linguistics. I've made the big step from Humanities to Neuroscience in order to build bridges between the two disciplines. My main interest lies in bilingualism and cognitive control. I've become an editor to find out more about the inner workings of the publishing world and learn 'good practice' first-hand. Feel free to ask for me or Jacques if you have questions regarding the Journal's content!”

Jacques Flores | Editor

“Hello! My name is Jacques Flores, and I am one of the new editors for the Journal club. I did my bachelors in animal physiology at UBC in Canada and I am currently starting my first year in the Neuroscience and Cognition Master's program. I joined the journal committee to get more involved with the student community.”

Franca Lesemann | Layout & Website

“Hey! I'm Franca Lesemann and responsible for the Graphics design. I completed my Doublediploma in Public Administration at the Universities of Twente and Muenster. I want to study human societies and behaviour on a deeper level. I'm especially interested in Social Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroendocrinology. I am doing an internship investigating oxytocin's role in social interaction and empathy. I really enjoy the knowledge exchange facilitated through the many different internships and further carrier steps the Master's students take part in and believe that the journal can support this exchange.”

Evy van Berlo | Layout & Website

“Heya! I'm Evy van Berlo and together with Franca I take care of the Layout & Website. I graduated in Psychology (Brain & Cognition) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and am currently studying Neuroscience in Utrecht. My main interest is human and animal consciousness. I think the Journal N&C is a great initiative and by being a part of the current board I hope to learn more about the different aspects of scientific publishing. The looks of the journal have improved a lot over time, and together with Franca I aim to put all of your submissions into yet another good-looking journal!”