Editorial board 2013-2014

Ketharini Senthilkumar | Chief Editor

“My name is Ketharini Senthilkumar and I am the Chief Editor for the journal this year. I completed my Bachelors in Industrial Biotechnology in Anna University, India. I am now doing my 1st year Masters Programme in Neuroscience and Cognition- ECN Track. I would be starting my internship soon with Pierre de Graan and Jeroen Pasterkamp, where I would be working on the role of micro RNAs in epilepsy. My ambition is to make the journal inspirational and successful!”

Milou Straathof | Secretary

“My name is Milou Straathof and I'm the secretary of the Journal Committee this year. Before this master I have done the bachelor Psychobiology in Amsterdam, and I graduated this year. I hope we will have much fun this year with making the journals for all of our fellow students! :)”

Angelique van den Hoeven | PR & Finance

“My name is Angelique van den Hoeven and I am the Treasurer this year. I finished my bachelor in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Utrecht in 2013. I am looking forward to making some great journals for everyone within the masters!!”

Tessa Kliest | Editor

“My name is Tessa Kliest and I finished my bachelor in 2011 in Neuropsychology. I started my internship in the RMI in December. The research project is about stress and epilepsy. It contains a human project and a experimental project, which makes it very divers and challenging for me. Next to studying/working I really enjoy travelling, which is, I guess, my favourite hobby. I hope you will enjoy the journal!”

Marieke Verhagen | Editor

“Hey! My name is Marieke Verhagen and I am one of the Editors this year. I have a Bachelors degree in Biology (University Utrecht). Currently I am doing an internship in the lab of Jeroen Pasterkamp. I am learning many interesting techniques in the lab and my project focuses on the role of microRNAs in neurite outgrowth and migration. If you are interested in contributing to the journal, feel free to contact us!”

Isabell Meier | Editor

“My name is Isabell Meier and I am an editor of this years journal. I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology at the University of Luxemburg and here in Utrecht I started the Neuroscience and Cognition Master. At the moment I am doing an internship in the Perception & Action group of the UU, working on a project focusing on the development of chronic pain.”

Jessica Merkens | Layout & Website

“Hi! My name is Jessica Merkens and together with Daniëlle I will be responsible for layout and the Journal website! I did my bachelor's here in Utrecht, Liberal Arts & Sciences. Currently I am doing my internship at Martien Kas's research group, where I will be looking at the influence of a fatty acid diet on behavior and brain morphology in a mouse model for autism. I am a fanatic marathon speedskater, so next to a lot of studying I do even more training. I hope you will enjoy our work!”

Daniëlle van Rossum | Layout & Website

“Welcome on the website of the journal of Neuroscience and Cognition! My name is Daniëlle van Rossum and together with Jessica I will be in charge of the layout of the two magazines for this year. Next to that we will try to keep this website up to date! I finished my bachelors degree in Biology at Leiden University and moved this year to Utrecht to start the exciting Neuroscience and Cognition master. I hope all writers, reviewers and especially readers will enjoy the two magazines that our enthusiastic board will produce this year!”