Editorial board 2014-2015

Marjolein Versteeg | Chief Editor

“My name is Marjolein Versteeg and I am the Chief Editor for the N&C journal of this year. I studied Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University. I just started the Neuroscience and Cognition master and I am currently doing my internship which focuses on the role of Ataxin-2 in ALS. I enjoyed reading the previous journals and I am excited that I can now play a role in the editorial process. Hopefully, we will provide you with two more inspiring editions this year! ”

Louise Martens | Secretary

“Hi! My name is Louise Martens and I am the secretary of this year. I finished my bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences in 2013 and I'm very happy to finally do something more specific! During my first internship I will get to work this the 7T MRI scanner to do spectroscopy and structural scans in health individuals who have experienced early life stress. I hope we'll make some really interesting journals for you this year! ”

Leonie Pelkman | PR & Finance

“Hi! My name is Leonie Pelkman, and this year I am responsible for PR and finance. Before this, I studied psychology here in Utrecht. Right now I'm taking a small (maybe not so small) break to lose the stress from the bachelor and the fundamentals course, and orient myself on all the possible internship possibilities. In the meantime I tutor high school kids in my hometown Almere and I'm on the lookout for a second job. ”

Annemiek van Berkel | Editor

“Hi all, my name is Annemiek van Berkel and I am one of the editors, together with Kim and Giedre. I finished my Bachelor in Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam and now I'm doing the master Neuroscience and Cognition. Recently I started an internship in the Elly Hol lab, where my project is about microglia in the subventricular zone of Parkinson's Disease patients. Hopefully you will appreciate the next two editions as we are aiming to create two interesting and fascinating reports! And if you want to contribute... don't hesitate to contact us!”

Giedre Stripeikyte | Editor

“Hi, I am Giedre Stripeikyte and I am one of the editors this year.I did my bachelor of biophysics in Lithuania and Now I just started my master of N&C. Currently, I am doing my internship at the UMC psychiatry department. I will analyze gyrification in offspring of schizophrenia patients. We are looking forward for your articles, please contact us if you have any ideas! ”

Kim Kijk in de Vegt | Editor

“My name is Kim and together with Annemiek and Giedre I am part of the editor team! I finished my Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Groningen. Currently I am doing an internship in the lab of Roger Adan. My focus is on the role of leptin in the lateral hypothalamus and the ventral tegmental area on motivation for palatable reward. We are looking forward to publish your articles and reviews in the Journal of Neuroscience & Cognition, so if you want to contribute to one of the two editions, feel free to contact us!”

Sanne Beerens | Layout & Website

“Hi! My name is Sanne Beerens and together with Robin I will be responsible for the lay-out and the website of the journal. I finished my bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences here in Utrecht. Currently, I'm doing my internship about obesity-induced inflammation of the hypothalamus and its role in leptin sensitivity and glucose tollerance. I'm looking forward to making some awesome journals! Enjoy reading!”

Robin Goudeketting | Layout & Website

“Hello y'all! Ny name is Robin and this year I will take care of the website and the lay-out of the journal, together with Sanne! We will do the best we can and are of course open to input! Last year I finished my bachelor Biomedical Sciences in Utrecht. at this moment I am doing my internship in the lab of Elly Hol. I'll be working on culturing neural stem cells in 3D models and differentiating them into dopaminergic neurons. In my spare time I really enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, also here in Utrecht. I hope you will love the journals that we, as a team, are going to present you this coming year!”