Editorial board 2017-2018

Maaike Dubbeldam | Chief Editor

“To me, the brain is a unique organ to investigate, since it can be approached from different angles. The various backgrounds of Neuroscience & Cognition students reflect this perfectly. Coming from psychology myself, I tend to look at the brain and its behavioural outcomes. However, there is much more to explore and that is one of the reasons why I joined the Journal. I believe the Journal contributes by bringing these numerous approaches together. In that way we know what is going on in the fields of our fellow students and in the field of Neuroscience and Cognition as a whole.”

Giel Korsten | Secretary

“Ever since I can remember, I have had an interest in the human body. Its functioning and fallacies fascinate me. During my Bachelor Biomedical Sciences, I focussed on neuroscience and developed an even greater interest in this field, specifically. Luckily, the master Neuroscience and Cognition provides me with ample opportunity to deepen, and broaden, my knowledge. In my opinion, being part of the editorial board of the Journal of Neuroscience and Cognition is a great chance to expand my knowledge, and gain insight in the publishing process. ”

Paula Agudelo Valencia | PR & Editor

“Neuroscience is having significant impact on almost all the scientific and medical fields. Moreover, I believe it is important to go deeper into the study of the brain and generate new understanding of how the brain works. I also think that studying and working with an interdisciplinary team helps to understand how the nervous system works. The Journal of Neuroscience & Cognition is an important tool that allow students to share their research and knowledge to the university community. I am happy to be part of this year’s editorial board.”

Shanice Henry | Finance & Editor

“The field of neuroscience keeps fascinating me. My interest in this field was triggered when I first heard of the more biological approaches in psychology during my bachelor. It is amazing to learn about the research possibilities in this field. Joining the journal of neuroscience and cognition fits well in this interest. Learning about the aspects of making a journal and working with other students stirred my interest for joining the journal.”

Angela Jochems | Editor

“After experiencing the more clinical aspects of neuroscience during my Clinical Neuropsychology masters, I was confident that I wanted to learn more about the brain and ways to study this interesting organ. There is much more to discover in the field of neuroscience! Being part of this journal will help me and others to find our way in the world of neuroscience. Working together with fellow academics will keep me updated on unfamiliar fields of research within neuroscience. This journal will be a great way to keep students involved with the recent developments within neuroscience.”

Nienke van Putten | Editor

“One of the most valuable aspects of this Master's programme “Neuroscience and Cognition” for me is the variety in backgrounds of the students, and all the different directions that this programme offers. Everybody is figuring out where their interests and abilities lie, and end up in different research groups. This journal is a great medium to keep informed about achievements, interests and projects of fellow students and other neuroscientists. I am very happy that I can contribute to this and the new developments of the neuroscientific research field with this amazing group.”

Alba Fernández Andreu | Layout & Website

“When I tell people I believe in magic, they many times laugh and think I am cheesy and a bit crazy. Many others show a sparkle in their eye because they share my belief. In both cases, I don’t give up in explaining to them that magic does exist, as I have discovered this in the intricate and fascinating functioning ways of the brain. In order to unravel the mysteries of this wonderful organ, good communication in this interdisciplinary field is crucial. With my participation in the journal, I aim to contribute my grain of sand to it.”

Minne Prüst | Layout & Website

“I like research, I like learning, I like increasing my knowledge. In other words, I like using my brain. And in the Neuroscience and Cognition master we use our brains to study the brain. The field of neuroscience is very complex, so complex we only understand a small part of it. We, the younger generations of neuroscientists, should be aware of what is going on in our field. I joined the Journal of Neuroscience & Cognition because I like to learn and because I want us to share our ideas, opinions and scientific results. ”