Editorial board 2020-2021

Presenting to you: The editorial board of 2020-2021! We are eight fresh new Neuroscience and Cognition master students you find shining on the pictures below, highly motivated to deliver two new issues of the N&C Journal in 2021! The themes of the upcoming journals will make you connect a few extra synapses and make you wish the future was here already. The journal will be made by and for our master students, brought to you by (in the photo from left to right) Lotte, Nina, Vera, Sara, Chanel, Catarina, Jana, and Haydn. Find more about our roles on the board by clicking on the photo below this text. We are looking forward to spread new knowledge and make you fall in love with neuroscience all over again!

Nina Dijkstra | Chief Editor

“Hi! I have started my Bachelor's in Psychology mainly with the interest to find out why people behave the way they do. Soon enough I started to see that this apparent social, and perhaps philosophical question, could be approached from a neurological perspective. I keep astonishing myself about the complexity of the brain and the endocrinological system, and how they both might contribute to complex emotional behaviours. In order to contribute to this field of Social Neuroscience, I’ve started my internship at the department of experimental psychology in Utrecht, in which I will study the role of the cerebellum in emotional processing. As the chief of the journal, I aim to create two new issues that explore and unravel all the different aspects of neuroscience. ”

Vera Aalbers | Secretary

“Hi! When I started my Bachelor's in English Language and Culture a few years ago, I did not expect to end up in the neuroscience community. During my Bachelor, I discovered my love for linguistics, which introduced me to the world of neuroscience. Coming from the Humanities, I believe I can greatly contribute to the interdisciplinarity of the neuroscience community, which is super important as collaboration in research is needed to unravel the mysteries of the brain. I am currently doing my major internship at the WKZ, where I study brain lesions and neurodevelopmental outcomes in extremely preterm infants. As the secretary of the journal, I keep the minutes and aim to make sure everybody is up to date. I also manage the email and help other board members when necessary. ”

Jana Hermans | Editor & PR

“Hi, my name is Jana and my academic background is in a bit of everything. My BSc was in Liberal Arts & Sciences, with a minor in Humanities and a major in Sciences ranging from Physics and Astronomy to Neuroscience and Pharmacology. Having been exposed to various disciplines, I have found my main interests lie in neuropsychiatric research. My current internship is at the Psychiatry department of the UMCU, where I work for projects investigating EEG biomarkers for the prediction of treatment response to antipsychotics in patients with first-episode psychosis. During my roles as Editor and PR co-manager, I aim to incorporate my background in media and my fascination with neuroscience to help gather and review some interesting content for our journal, to keep up good relations with our sponsors, and overall work towards creating a fun and inspiring piece of work to be read by you!”

Haydn Merle | Editor & PR

“Hi, I am Haydn; I am originally from Newcastle, England. I knew early on in my academic career that I wanted to study something within science. I was fascinated by the philosophical questions as to why we are here and what it is we experience. This led me to study Neuroscience at Glasgow University and then to Utrecht to follow up on my studies with a master's in Neuroscience and Cognition. I am undertaking an internship investigating the Cerebellum in emotional processing, specifically at how it modulates sensory affective information that guides behaviour. As an Editor and PR of the journal, I look to contribute my enthusiasm for Neuroscience to the coming issues. I think it's so important for students to be able to share their work and the opportunity to collaborate with students to create a journal for all to read is something that excites me and is great for the progression of science. ”

Lotte van Hout | Editor & Finance

“Hi! I am Lotte and I studied Biomedical Sciences. During my Bachelor’s, I read an article that instantly captured my interest. It was about a study that found that singing could aid in the recovery of speech in stroke patients. I am fascinated by the brain’s plasticity and its ability to train certain parts to take over the function of damaged areas. I have always been highly interested in the brain. I am passionate about studying every aspect of it, and about gaining insight into the various perspectives from which we can study this amazing organ. Within the field of Neuroscience, it is of high relevance to study the brain in all its aspects in a team with different expertise. The journal represents a truly multidisciplinary environment of motivated students from different backgrounds and I am very excited to create it together with my peers! ”

Catarina Simões Padilla | Editor

“Hi! I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I want to become a researcher and professor in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience. My Brazilian personality definitely helps me to always have a positive mind and look at the bright side of all things! Having my BSc in Psychology helped me to put everything in perspective and understand that each, and one human being is unique. Now, during my MSc and fascinated primarily, by the field of dementia, I am doing my internship at the Vascular Cognitive Impairment Group, at the UMC, to better understand how cognition is affected by vascular damages. As editor of the journal, I am responsible for finding contributors and reviewers for the journal as well as revise the content of it. I hope to share more neuroscientific knowledge with all, and make sure everyone gets involved! ”

Chanel Sam | Design & Vice-Chief

“Hi! My name is Chanel and I’ve just finished my bachelor Molecular Life Sciences. This finally gave me the opportunity to do what I’ve wanted for a long time: study the brain. The most intriguing part for me is to see where biology ends and psychology begins. Clinical neuroscience is therefore where you’ll find me, hopefully forming a bridge between the two disciplines. Currently, I’m doing my internship in the neonatal department in the Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis (WKZ) looking at the effects of sleep on the brain development of preterm infants. Besides my scientific side, on the editorial board, I’ll get the chance to show my creative side as well. As one of the two designers on the board, I will be in charge of a clean-looking journal and website amongst other tasks. Also, I will use my previous board experiences in my role as vice-chief, always ready to help our chief Nina, might this be necessary. ”

Sara Rapuc | Design

“Hi! My name is Sara and I come from a small and beautiful country, Slovenia. My fascination with the brain began in my first year of undergraduate study of Psychology in a class called cognitive psychology. I believe that the study of Psychology gave me a solid understanding of the neurobiology behind our behavior. I decided to deepen my knowledge and further my career goals by studying Neuroscience and Cognition at Utrecht University. I have recently started my major internship at the neonatal department, where I will evaluate MRI scans and relate them to neurodevelopmental outcomes in extremely preterm born infants. As a designer of the journal, I am responsible for several aspects, including the layout and cover page of the journal and the design of the journal's website. I chose this position because of my passion for art and the opportunity to learn something completely new. ”