Editorial board 2021-2022

We are so excited to announce the editorial board for the upcoming year! We are ten students of the Master Programme Neuroscience & Cognition.

Below you will find more information about our internship and we share an interesting fact about our brain!

Chiara Galizia | Editor in Chief

“Hi everyone! I am currently doing my internship at the WKZ looking into the effects of different treatment of hypotension on brain damage in preterm infants. For this I will be analysing the MRI and DTI data that has been gathered for this study. My favourite brain fact? When I first learned about pruning I was quite fascinated that it is so important for the brain to function. Even more interesting, depending on where and how much pruning takes place in certain areas it can affect our behaviour in different ways.”

Renée Hoffenkamp | Secretary + PR

“Hi! I am not yet doing an internship, as I am also studying history & philosophy of science, for which I am following courses such as "philosophy of the mind: on introspection" and "history of medicine". This will further aid me in trying to spot biases, asking the right questions and communicating results more justly or towards a broader public. My favourite brain fact is that we can think about our brain - consciousness reflection on consciousness! The idea of being able to introspect, while it is execution all these function at the same time, and us trying to figure it out!”

Charlotte Valk | Editor

“Hi all! At the moment I’m doing my internship at the Wilhelmina Children’s hospital at the lab of Freek Hoebeek, on neonatal brain damage due to extreme preterm birth or hypoxia. I’m helping with setting up an organoid model to study brain damage, as well as a new stem cell therapy. The plasticity of the brain, and how neighbouring brain areas can ‘take over’ inactive brain regions, is a characteristic that keeps fascinating me.”

Katrin Himmerich | Editor

“Hey everyone! I am currently doing my internship at the Attention Lab, which is part of the Experimental Psychology department. I will investigate how items are stored in visual working memory. I am especially fascinated by the topic of consciousness and how we basically use our brain to study itself.”

Marlies Heijst | Editor

“Hey! Currently I am doing my internship at the department of Experimental Psychology where I study the potential of pupillometry to serve as an objective tool to assess and diagnose hemispatial neglect. My favourite insight about the brain? The fact that you can function without one of the hemispheres.”

Sabine de Brueijs | Editor

“Hello! I am doing my internship at Utrecht University (in collaboration with the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital) in Rachida Ganga’s PhD project on the effect of gestational diabetes on early language acquisition. A favourite fact/insight about the brain is the lateralisation of brain functions. I also once read somewhere that the brain in theory generates enough electricity to power a weak lightbulb. I think that is quite cool!”

Julianna Lopez | Editor + PR

“Hi all! I am currently doing my internship at the neonatology department of the Wilhelmina Children’s hospital. We analyse MRI scans of preterm infants and assess the predictability of developmental outcomes with the help of environmental factors. My favourite fact about the brain? That we actually don’t know much about it!”

Rosanne Kop | Design + PR

“Hi! I am very excited to start my internship at the Brain Research and Innovation Centre (Military Mental Healthcare). I will be investigating the efficacy of non-invasive brain stimulation as adjunctive PTSD treatment in veterans, specifically looking at memory consolidation. My favourite fact about the brain? So many! But it always amazes me that people who have had a hemispherectomy can function just fine, despite missing half of their brains!”

Rita Garcia Nobre de Castilho de Lima | Design + Finance

“Hey everyone! I’m doing my major research project at the Wilhelmina Children’s hospital in the neonatology department. I’m studying early preterm brain development, as well as exploring the concept of nature vs nurture. My favourite fact about the brain? The Amygdala. I'm intrigued by all that It integrates.”

Umay Demir | Design

“Hi! I am doing my internship at the Experimental Psychology Lab with Anna Gerlicher on fear generalisation. More specifically, the inferential generalisation based on spontaneous experience replay. I think the coolest brain detail is that there are no pain receptors in the brain itself yet it is the centre of pain interpretation based on sensory input.”