Editorial board 2022-2023

Judith van der Haest | Editor in Chief

“As the newest Editor in Chief, I would love to start by telling you a bit about myself and about my role within the board. My name is Judith, I’m 26 years old and I have a background in Psychology. Most of the time you’ll find me at the Langeveld building, where I’m passionately working on electrically stimulating the cerebellum. In my spare time, I love to play games with friends, read a good book and occasionally renovate the houses of friends and family. As the editor in chief, I’ll be responsible for delivering the upcoming edition of our journal. Planning, deadlines and oversight will be my main priority. I’m confident that our new board will deliver great things and look forward to being a part of it!”

Merel van der Straaten | Editor

“I’m Merel, 22 years old and I will take part in the new board of the Journal of Neuroscience and Cognition. Being part of the Editorial Board allows me to carry out ideas about the theme of each issue, for instance contacting contributors, thinking of interesting subtopics, doing interviews and finally publishing two issues together with the whole Journal committee! Currently, I am doing an internship at WKZ, more specifically the Music as Medicine study under the supervision of Jeroen Dudink. Next to this, I try to keep a social life and have dinners with friends. I love cooking, so hit me up when in need for recipes! Fun fact: This past Christmas I had 9 dinners!”

Lynne Mathies | Editor and Design

“I’m Lynne! I’m 21, come from Japan/Austria, and will be the Head Editor for the Journal of N&C this year! My academic background lies in biomedical sciences, and I’m currently doing my internship at the PMC and WKZ, where I analyze actigraphy (sleep and activity) data in children with hypothalamic damage caused by suprasellar tumours. My main research interests are pituitary/hypothalamic (dys)function, as I believe those tiny structures in the brain do so much more than we give them credit for. In my free time, I enjoy baking, spending time with friends, and attempting to be a consistent gym-goer. Anyway, within the board, I work with the other Editors to decide on a theme, find contributors and peer-reviewers, conduct interviews, and generally make sure we have plenty of interesting content in the journal for you all to enjoy!”

Femke van Dijk | Editor

“I’m Femke and 1/5 of the editorial board of this year’s Journal of N&C. As one of the editors, I will oversee all content of the upcoming issues. From contacting contributors to interviewing and making decisions about the content to actually publishing the journal, I’m there! If I’m not busy with my internship at the CMH, you can find me playing the violin, reading books or listening to (way too loud) music. But don’t let this short description fool you, I do judo as well so don’t test me;) My favourite topics within the (cognitive) neuroscience research field include brain stimulation and memory mechanisms, but mainly anything psychiatry related. So don’t ask me anything about upcoming PTSD treatment options or mechanisms implicated in neurological developmental disorders, because I will rant.”

Laura van Zantwijk | Editor

“I’m Laura, another fifth of the editorial board of the Journal of Neuroscience and Cognition. I LOVE reading articles and broadening my network, which is why the editor role appeals to me. I am excited to work in a team of editors and piece together two great journal issues! In my free time I take dance classes, so feel free to push me in the dance circle at your favorite hip hop/afro/dancehall party. In my serious time I do my internship at AttentionLab, where I investigate people’s pupil sizes and eye movements all day long. Coming from a Cognitive Artificial Intelligence background, perception and consciousness topics are most familiar for me, but ever since the Fundamentals course I have become very interested in the more biological brain function that lies underneath. But please don’t ask me to explain Cre-Lox to you!”

Tyren Romijn | Finance

“I am Tyren and I am 22 years old. I will be the Treasurer of the Neuroscience & Cognition Journal. This means that I am responsible for the acquisition of sponsors, managing the budget and printing the Journal. In my spare time I like to kickbox, read, game and play guitar. My favorite Neuroscience and Cognition subject is how cognitive processes work in the brain. I have always been interested in how cognitive subjects like memory and attention work. However, I always found it not tangible enough. For this reason, I adore the link between the biological brain function and the cognitive processes.”

Eva Drop | PR

“My name is Eva. I am 24 years old and a first-year Neuroscience and Cognition student. My function in the journal is going to be PR. Within this function, I will be in charge of all the different social media platforms of the journal. I am currently doing my Major research project at the department of Experimental Psychology. In this project, I am investigating the role of the cerebellum in different cognitive processes by using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. When I’m not working on the research project, you can find me playing soccer, enjoying my time with friends, or relaxing at home while reading a book or watching a Netflix show! I am interested in a lot of different neuroscience topics, but my favorite part of neuroscience is everything that involves the dysfunctional brain. For example, different neurological diseases and the involvement of the brain in neuropsychiatric disorders.”

Morris Verholt | Secretary

“My name is Morris Verholt, I am 22 years old and this year I will be your secretary of the Journal of Neuroscience and Cognition. As secretary I will make sure that our communication is smooth, the minutes are made and I get to plan the release parties for both issues of the journal! In daily life I try to avoid working out and jogging as much as possible and I am a proud plantdad of like 25 plants in a room of 8m2, so if you ever need any plant advice hmu! My favorite topic in the field of neuroscience is things that involve brain computer interface, I would love to do my 6 month internship on this!”

Maayke Balemans | Design

“I'm Maayke, 22 years old and I will be responsible for the design of the Journal. This means I will spend many hours learning how to use Adobe programs, designing the cover and layout and adjusting figures (I suspect some frustration there). But nevertheless I'm super excited to get started! There are many things I like about neuroscience, but I'm especially interested in the connection between the nervous and immune system. I wasn't sure how to translate this into an internship, but I found one in the Biomedical MR Imaging & Spectroscopy Group. They do pre-clinical stroke research, which I think is a very cool topic:) In my free time, I like to grab a coffee with friends/family or enjoy one over a nice book or film. I also play the flute in the Huisorkest and do a bunch of (semi-)creative stuff like drawing and sewing.”