Editorial board 2023-2024

Anna Charitonos | PR manager

“Hi I'm Anna! I'm Zimbabwean and Cypriot but I have been living and studying in Utrecht for the last 3 years. I will be the PR manager for the Journal this year and I'm really looking forward to sharing all the news about upcoming events and announcements with you all, and about getting to know and work with my fellow board members. Currently I'm starting my internship at the Attention Lab where I'm designing my own study to investigate the effects of a specific breathing pattern on sustained attention, and I'm also taking an elective course in social and affective neuroscience. Outside of university, I really enjoy taking dance classes, creating social media content, and playing my guitar!”

Vojta Svoboda | Editor

“I'm Vojta, from the Czech Republic, and I will serve as one of the editors. I'm thrilled to discuss the potential contributions with their authors and help them create the best version possible! As part of my internship, I'm working with mice using staining and chemogenetics to figure out the relation of stress and reward networks in overeating. I'm also taking the X&X course, trying to integrate my experience with living with Tourette's syndrome to better study it in the future. When I'm not at work, I like playing the guitar or some board games, or just chill watching anime”

Marleen Abbestee | Editor

“I am Marleen and I am 23 years old and I have a background in psychology here in Utrecht. In the upcoming months I will be spending a lot of time in the Langeveld building to learn more about the intricacies of visual working memory representations in the brain. In my free time I love to have a drink with friends, try out something creative or curl up on the couch with a good book (I am always looking for new ones, so if you have any recommendations feel free to reach out!). Within the board I will play a role in the team of editors and I am looking forward to finding good quality content for our readers to enjoy :)”

Nienke Pompen | Design

“Nienke, Schiedam, The Netherlands Designer I’m looking forward to making an informative and beautiful journal, but also hope to have a lot of fun with all the other board members. I’m doing an internship at the Pasterkamp lab. I’m studying radial glial migration using in utero electroporation and cell culture. I love to read and draw in my spare time.”

Vicky Voet | Editor & Design

“Hi! My name is Vicky. I was born and raised in the world’s most boring suburbs right outside Utrecht (De Meern), but I reside in cozy Wittevrouwen now. I will mainly keep busy as an editor, but I’ll also assist Nienke from design whenever I can. That means I’ll be responsible for overseeing the content within the journal, as well as making that content look appealing. I’m looking forward to being meticulously creative and to getting a practical taste of a communicative cornerstone in the academic world: publishing. Aside from the journal club, I will be doing my internship at AttentionLab where I’ll investigate the quantified costs of sustained overt and covert attention. When I’m not on campus nor busy being my own housemaid, I like to play video games and draw. You may also find me taking care of my houseplants or going on a walk to spot local cats to pet!”

Reinier Rietveld | Editor & Design

“My name is Reinier Rietveld and I am from the Netherlands. I am one of the 4 editors and in this role I will be communicating with researchers about their potential contributions to our journal. This is also something that I am looking forward to. I enjoy talking to people about something that they are passionate about. My internship requires a more broad interpretation of neuroscience and cognition as it is aimed at creating a better understanding of the mechanical stresses in and around gliomas. In my free time I like to sport especially the very dutch sport of fierljeppen or driving my motorbike through nature. When the weather is not as inviting I like to read or play boardgames.”

Anna van Heesch | Secretary & Finance

“Anna Van Heesch, Netherlands Finance and Secretary I am looking forward to expend my organizational skills and to publish interesting papers I am currently doing my major research project at UMCU at the Deltes study where I research deliriums using EEG. When I am not at the UMCU I like to dance and work-out.”

Renske Walrave | Editor in Chief

“My name is Renske and I am the new Editor in Chief of the N&C Journal board. Originally I come from the south of the Netherlands (Valkenswaard, Noord-Brabant) but I have done my bachelor's in Leiden and now I live here in Utrecht. Currently I am doing my internship at the VCI group at neurology department of the UMCU where I research white matter tract-based disconnection and cognition in patients with small vessel disease. In my spare time I like to go running, do some pilates, read, hike, draw and play games. I am excited to work together with my fellow board members. I think we have a great team and I am looking forward to the release of our first issue!”